Fund a Pet Miracle


NEW!!!  Brownie would love for you to reblog his project and donate if you are able to so that he can get vet care ASAP.  Thank you!

Brownie is a sweet pittie we helped about a year ago.  He had a mass removed from his paw.  Now he has another mass under his left arm pit.  His owners found it after they noticed Brownie acting a bit differently (not wanting to jump, having fecal issues) after getting a tick bite a couple weeks ago.   He is also just not himself in general and seems lethargic and depressed.  The vet wants Brownie to be current on everything before he will do a removal.  He needs the following: initial visit 50, rabies 19.60, parvo shot 35.05 and 2 other vaccines one is 25.75 and the other is 23.67. Heartworm test 36.77 and his owners will need about 80 to rent the car to get him there. Brownie’s owner is disabled and money is more than tight. Brownie is her baby and she is concerned.  Please help by sharing Brownie’s project and donating if you are able.  Thanks!