Fund a Pet Miracle

Apr 9

HELP!!!  Shakira is back as well - she has MUCH medical care still ahead and the rescue needs your support with her.  Can you lend a signal boost by reblogging?  Even better, pitch in $5 or $10??  Thanks in advance!

Sweet, beautiful Shakira was abandoned at the shelter, pregnant and scared. WSKR rescue was able to find a foster and get her out to safety. Days after she was in foster, she miscarried her 3 very premature babies and became depressed. Two days later, she refused to eat or drink and was rushed to the emergency vet. It was discovered she had an infection and was very dehydrated. Intervention was needed to save her. This unexpected vet visit set this small rescue group back financially at a time when they are facing money challenges for two of the other rescue kittens to get eye surgery. Please help WSKR cover the cost of Shakira’s care so they can afford to save others like her! Thank you!