Fund a Pet Miracle

Apr 9

NEW!!!  Dorian needs a special surgery (and soon) to function in a fully healthy capacity. Please reblog him to help and donate if you can - thanks!

Dorian is a cat who was rescued from a possible dumping situation. He came with two sisters — his blood sister has a medical issue herself. Dorian is one year old, and he has been with this new owners for 10 months.  He is neutered and the owners have had him working with a vet since day one.  Dorian was diagnosed with feline elogated palate.  It is usually seen in dogs and rarely in cats.  It is essentially when the palate extends back past the tonsils, which can cause gagging and/or breathing issues and needs to be corrected with surgery. Second opinion DVM’s have confirmed that only MSU vet school can do the surgery Dorian requires. Dorian’s owners’ goal is to raise enough to help him have the surgery so he can properly breathe. Please help them by sharing his project and contributing if you are in a position to.  Thank you!