Fund a Pet Miracle


ONLY ONE DAY LEFT TO HELP!!  Please reblog Sneaux and if you are able to donate, EVERY bit helps!  Thanks so much xoxo

Sneaux was rescued from Crowley Animal Shelter after sitting on death row for over a month! Because a wonderful foster stepped up, Animal Aid for Vermilion Area Rescue was able to rescue her and it seems just in time - once she was pulled it was discovered that she was very swollen in her vaginal area more than what would be normal for a dog in heat and she was having trouble urinating.  After being rushed to the vet she was diagnosed with vaginal dysplasia - luckily that can be cured easily enough with a spay, since they caught it in enough time. Unfortunately she is also heartworm positive (as with many in the south) but with your help, the rescue will get her all fixed up and on her way to a new forever home!  Thank you in advance for all shares and donations!