Fund a Pet Miracle


NEW! Casey needs help urgently - please take a second to reblog so that we can spread the word far and wide and if you are able to donate to help, we would really appreciate it!  Thanks :)

Casey got into a bottle of Ibuprofen and was found very very sick and almost didn’t make it on Christmas Eve. He was taken to an emergency vet where he was put on IV’s. The next two days offered signs of improvement, but on December 27 he was transferred to a different vet where it was confirmed that he was in kidney failure. From there he was sent to a specialist hospital that focuses on renal failure. There he is receiving agressive fluid treatment and medications. As of now the next 12-24 hours are extremely crucial and if there are signs of improvements, he will still need to be at the vet 4-5 days and as a last option in dialysis treatment at a University for atleast 30 days. Casey’s owners are graduate students who need help paying for his care, as they just cannot afford it all on their own at this time.  Thank you for anything you are able to do to help, whether it be a “share” to help spread the word or a donation toward his care.