Fund a Pet Miracle


HELP!!  4 HOURS LEFT.  Not only is doggie sick, but owner who she serves, is also currently hospitalized.  Can anyone have a heart and reach out to help?   It’s not that high of a goal - we basically need to raise $500 in 4 hours.  Please reblog and your $10 would add up very fast.  Thank you!

Halona is a standard poodle who has suddenly become very gassy and restless in the last couple weeks. They are currently doing a food trial on her while awaiting funding for surgery (which we are in attempt #3 to raise). She has also already had to have a tube run once into her stomach, but her vet is recommending abdominal x-rays, detailed blood work, and a preventative gastropexy to keep her stomach from twisting if she gets too full of gas - by doing the gastropexy, it could buy the critical time to get her to the vet if she goes into full bloat and easily save her life. Halona is a service dog and her owner’s best friend. Her owner was recently the victim of a hit and run accident and has had to spend a lot of money on her own medications and care throughout this trauma. She doesn’t have the funds on top to help Halona with all this right now. Please reach out to help Halona by sharing her project and donating if you are able. Thank you!