Fund a Pet Miracle


NEW! Please reblog Blue and pitch into his small goal (only needs $210).  He didn’t deserve his fate and is now safe with rescue - help give him a new start!  Thank you in advance!

Blue is a young pit that fell into the wrong hands. He is part of a cruelty case where a boyfriend and girlfriend got into a argument and the girlfriend stabbed Blue in the back.  He was rushed to the vet for care and thankfully the stab wound was not that bad. You would never know that he was ever mistreated, he is so goofy and fun loving. Blue is now with Animal Aid for Vermilion Area Rescue and they are quite thankful to be able to give him a new beginning.  He requires some follow up care for the stab wound, a neuter and his basic vaccines, as he wasn’t too well cared for by the previous owners.   AAVA could use some help funding his care so that he can be on his way to a new forever home soon.   Thank you in advance for all networking and donations!