Fund a Pet Miracle


NEW! This sweet boy needs your help.  Please give him a reblog and pitch into his medical fund if you’re able - thanks!

Busker was Tucson2Tails (T2T) first rescue kitty back in March 2011.  He was a stray cat who ended up at animal control and was about to be put to sleep simply because he had ear mites.  Since he was a stray cat, he did not receive treatment for his ear mites and developed hematomas on both ears from scratching them.  Now he cannot clear the ear wax from his ears because of the hematomas and scratches his ears a lot.  He is at risk of ear infections because he cannot clear the wax.  He also just received a dental because he has periodontal disease.  His rescuers are trying very hard to get him ready for adoption and his forever home.  Please, please help them to get Busker’s hematomas removed.  Thank you!