Fund a Pet Miracle


HELP!!! URGENT - please reblog and pitch in if you are able to help this tiny kitty - thanks!

A 4 week old kitten has been diagnosed with an abdominal hernia and her owners couldn’t afford the $600 operation to save her. The owners found the kitten and her 3 siblings under bleachers at a local college at 2 weeks old. The owner had posted this kitten for free on Craigslist to anyone “who can get her surgery or else she’d be euthanized on Wednesday September 18th to end her suffering.”  Samantha’s Safe Haven Rescue received the kitten late Tuesday evening! They are still doing EVERYTHING they can to help this sweet tiny little girl. The bad news is that all her intestines and organs are outside her body fallen through the tear, so surgery is needed NOW. This small rescue doesn’t have the funds for what comes next because they are newer and their expenses are all out of pocket.  They will be taking her to an Orlando specialist to repair the hernia completely - the emergency surgery didn’t fix it entirely because the hernia was too large to close completely and she doesn’t have enough viable tissue because she is so tiny.   The road ahead for her will be expensive.  Please help her rescuers get her the help she deserves for a long life ahead.  Thank you!