Fund a Pet Miracle

Jul 8

HELP!!! Very urgent situation and we have ONE DAY - please please please REBLOG and donate if you’re able!

Vinny is a sweet cat whom the whole neighborhood loves.  He even used to go to a terminally ill neighbor’s house and lay on the bed next to the wife all day while he husband was at work.  He is very special. The other day, he must have been hiding underneath a car because it was hot, and he accidentally got backed over.  Luckily he doesn’t have any head trauma or broken bones, but his ribs and lungs are very bruised up and his breathing is shallow.  He was rushed to emergency clinic where they are treating him and believe he will be fine.  Please help his owner, who gave them the initial $500 they required to even begin working on him, but cannot afford the rest and truly needs some cat lovers to help by reaching out.  Thank you!