Fund a Pet Miracle


NEW! Momma cat and 3 kittens of her own, PLUS 2 shelter babies she took on as her own.  Please help with a signal boost by reblogging!  They all deserve care and homes :)

Kitty Cat Meow (affectionately named by the foster’s 3 year old little girl) is a momma cat who gave birth to her babies in a box outside a foster’s carport. AAVA took them into the rescue to promise them a new life and a home instead of being outside stray feral cats.  About a week after she gave birth to her 3 babies, the local heartstick shelter called and they had 2 kittens they would put down if AAVA did not come get them, as they did not have time to feed them by bottle.  Luckily Kitty Cat Meow took them on as her own!  All six cats will need basic vetting and then will be adopted into forever homes once the kittens are of age.

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