Fund a Pet Miracle


Please reblog these baby girls - we are down to the last 2 DAYS to help them!

Brigitte & Twiggy are two female chihuahua pups who are the lone survivors of an unwanted litter. The mom stopped feeding the babies for some reason, and the family who had them didn’t know what to do and waited too long.  Their 2 siblings died of hypothermia and hypoglycemia.  Finally the family took them to the vet and Motley Zoo Rescue was called to take them.   They are doing ok now, except they both have inguinal hernias, which are tears in the muscle wall.  Brigitte has two and they are HUGE.  Actually these pups are only 2 pounds and their hernias are bigger than rubber bouncy balls.  They both need repair surgery, and then they will both have healthy, normal lives.  Please help the rescue save these two precious babies by sharing them and pitching in toward their goal. Thank you :)

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