Fund a Pet Miracle


HELP!  We are down to the last TWO DAYS to raise money for Sassy’s tail injury to be fixed. Need some cat lovers to reblog and donate if possible!

Sassy is a six month old kitten who was recently rescued from a Kentucky high kill shelter. The end of her tail is broken off, and there is a severe infection on the two inch area remaining from the end.  It is extremely swollen, bleeding and oozing puss.  The vet says she will need to have the infected portion of her tail amputated.  She surely would not have made it out of that shelter without Starfish Rescue Cats stepping in.  She would have just been killed, or died from the infection.  The rescue would like to continue saving young cats like Sassy, who have only small medical needs standing in their way of having an otherwise full and healthy life. Once Sassy is treated, she will be adopted into a forever home.

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