Fund a Pet Miracle


Rhea Rhea is a sheltie who was saved from a pretty terrible situation.  The shelter she was pulled from by Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue described Rhea as “a very old, tiny, blind male sheltie in bad shape.”  In fact, “he” was actually a “she,” and is not old at all - she is actually only 5.  She was diagnosed with diabetes, which was what caused her blindness and to be so severely under weight.  Her rescuers have her diabetes under control now and she has bounced back from 7 lbs to over 11.  She is a very small sweet girl who is getting a 2nd chance at life.  Rhea is actually an excellent candidate for having cataracts removed and giving her the gift of sight.   Please help by sharing her story and photos and by donating if you are able! 

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