Fund a Pet Miracle

Aug 3

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Mo Bre is a large, beautiful short hair domestic feline. He was owner surrendered to a high kill shelter and was terrified. Animal Aid Vermilion Area rescued him before euthanasia. When put in a foster home, they said he was scared of his own shadow but when he overcame his shyness, he became a wonderfully affection cat who talks a lot.  Mo Bre was front declawed but not neutered. He needed basic vet care and is now waiting for his surgery so that he can find a new loving family who will not abandon him. Please consider helping AAVA with his care by donating and passing his project on so that this deserving boy can get a new start. Thank you! 

Aug 3

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Taya is a 2 year old American Bulldog mix. She was found abandoned and alone on a lonely back country road. She was very skinny and had hair loss. With good food and a caring foster home,she is emerging as the true beauty that she is. Now she needs to be spayed so that she can find a forever home.   Taya is a gorgeous sweet baby who likes to give kisses and enjoys playing in mud puddles. She deserves better than life has given her so far. Please consider helping Animal Aid Vermilion Area Rescue to give her the care she needs. You can do that by networking her project and donating if you are in a position to.  Thanks! 

Aug 3
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Hill is a very sweet male cat who was trapped in a high kill shelter along with his brother. His brother died and he was left all alone. Animal Aid for Vermilion Area Rescue was able to get him out before he got sick. Now he needs basic vetting and a neuter before he can find a new home. Your consideration of Hill will be greatly appreciated.  Please pass along his project as well!  Thanks!

**ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT TO HELP - Please reblog for signal boost!**

Hill is a very sweet male cat who was trapped in a high kill shelter along with his brother. His brother died and he was left all alone. Animal Aid for Vermilion Area Rescue was able to get him out before he got sick. Now he needs basic vetting and a neuter before he can find a new home. Your consideration of Hill will be greatly appreciated.  Please pass along his project as well!  Thanks!

Aug 3


A year ago, at only 4 years old, Ernie was diagnosed with a rare cancer for dogs - multiple myeloma.  Now, a year and $10,000 worth of tests, bloodwork, biopsies, x-rays, MRIs, you name it later, the doctors are saying he is an unusual case, unsure of his diagnosis.  His spleen is enlarged and his bloodwork shows elevated protein levels.  They believe he has monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance or lymphoma.   All possible tests have been run to solve this medical mystery.  The next step in Ernie’s diagnosis and towards a healthy life is removing his spleen for biopsy.  The surgery estimate is $4,000 to $6,000 for the splenectomy, anesthesia, hospitalization, meds, and biopsy.  This dog is his owner’s best friend and she’s doing everything she can to save him but the bills are now too much to bear all on her own.  Can you please help reach out for Ernie?  All shares and donations will help save his life.  Thank you! 

Aug 3


Thor is a 6 month old puppy that his owners found a couple months ago through a Craigslist ad. The family, including a 5 year old boy, absolutely adores him and just moved from an apartment to a house with a yard so that Thor would have lots of room to run and play.  However, they recently found out Thor has severe hip dysplasia.  Within 1 day he could not run or walk up and down the stairs. The families hearts are completely broken seeing how a little puppy is in so much pain. They cannot afford the medical bill which is $2300.00 each hip replacement. Thor is the first dog they have had in 8 years and they are feeling completely defeated.   If you help by contributing toward his surgery, or even passing along his project, it would help get to the goal so he can have the surgery, be free of pain and run and live happily. Thank you!

Aug 3

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Scholar is a 10 year old English Springer Spaniel who was rescued 10 years ago. One day, when his owner came home from work, she found him lethargic, panting, trembling, and not eating. X-rays the following day led to an ultrasound and rectal exam on the 15th…and a diagnosis with his owner’s worst nightmare: an anal sac carcinoma, metastasized to the sub-lumbar lymph nodes.  On June 3 Scholar underwent 2 procedures during major surgery: a sacculectomy to remove the anal sac tumor, and abdominal surgery to remove 3 sub-lumbar lymph nodes. The biopsy report confirmed the diagnosis, and sadly reported that his cancer was aggressive (abt 3x normal mitotic rate), and was “incompletely removed”; therefore, chemotherapy is absolutely essential to destroy the cancer cells left behind and prevent reoccurrence. The blessing is that we caught it when we could still do something about it and give him a prognosis worth fighting for.  Can you please help this amazing boy by networking his project and contributing if you are able?   It would mean the world to his family.  Thank you for opening your heart. 

Aug 3


Maddie is a 6 year old Scottish Terrier who  has recently been diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma. She is a patient at NC State University Veterinary School.  She has a tumor between her rib cage and right lung.  The tumor is inoperable due to location.  She will be receiving 6 chemotherapy treatments and possibly two radiation treatments. The chemotherapy treatment will slow the growth of the tumor.  The radiation will hopefully destroy the cancerous cells and also provide pain management.  At this time Maddie is doing exceptionally well and has no pain.  She had just completed the first chemo treatment.  Except for the cancer, her overall health is very good.  Thank you for all networking and any amount you may be able to give!

**ONE DAY LEFT TO HELP - Please reblog!** Kensi is a beagle who has been to the vet a lot in the past month.  She would be fine one day, then the next day not want to eat or drink.  After a week of going in for fluids, she seemed better.  Then one of those days, she hurt her back and couldn’t walk.  She had to be picked up to go up or down stairs to go outside. She also somehow contracted a liver infection.  After all the blood tests, diagnostics and hospitalization, Kensi’s owner is to a point where she cannot afford more care on her own.  She is reaching out for help because she doesn’t want finances to be the sole decision-maker on whether Kensi gets medical attention or not.  Kensi means the world to her owner.  Can you reach out and help them get through this?  The vets believe that she can/will get through it, but she still needs a bit of treatment.  Please pass her project along and donate if you can.  Thanks! 

**UPDATE - Kensi has sadly passed away.  RIP Angel….

**NEW - Please reblog!** Cooper is a dog who was homeless and living on the street for a very long time. A family rescued him and discovered that his teeth are very bad with many broken or missing. He needs several extracted and the rest cleaned. Until he has that dental procedure done, he can barely eat because of pain and is severely underweight.  Can you help his rescuers fund his dental?  Please pass his project on and contribute if you are in a position to.  Thank you!

**NEW!** Cookie is a chihuahua who was rescued by Adopt Me Rescue from a high kill shelter in Los Angeles (East Valley Shelter).  He was red listed to be killed at the shelter because he had very bad luxating patellas (knees that slip out of the joint).  He came from a hoarding situation and all the dogs that came from that one house all had some kind of health issue going on.  The first day the rescue brought him home, he jumped down a very small step at the foster’s and broke one of his legs. The next day they brought him to their vet to have his leg fixed and luxating patellas looked at.  The vet cast the broken leg and said, “WOW I have not seen such bad luxating patellas in my life he would definitely need to be seen by a specialist.”  A couple days later, he broke his other leg in the exact same spot.  The vet said he has thin bones and that’s why his other leg broke; no fault of anyones.  He gave Cookie’s fosters supplements to help with that and of course the vet said his front legs have to heal before they can deal with the Luxating patellas on both back legs, which the vet said would be pretty costly.  Cookie’s care has cost over $2000 already before the necessary upcoming surgery, which estimates at about $2k per leg.

**ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT TO HELP!** Ciara is a sweet, elder chihuahua mix who was found walking down a road all alone. Flyers were distributed, classifieds were published. No one claimed her, so Animal Aid for Vermilion Area Rescue took her in. She cannot see very well, is scared but warms up quickly. Because the rescue has no medical history, she needs all basic vetting and a spay. She is presently in foster care, but they hope to find a special home for this special baby when she is ready. Please consider helping AAVA rescue to get her in shape for a new home by networking her project and contributing if you can. Thank you!

**NEW!** Bitsy (Bee for short) is a cat who recently got really sick. She spent the next two days throwing up, several times each day, and a week or so ago she was hardly moving and was severly dehydrated. Her owners took her to the vet hoping they might work with them on payments (They will, but they need half up front which is $600). Bitsy’s family was hoping it would be something simple like a tummy bug but unfortunatly it ended up being a blocked intestine. They need to do surgery on her or else Bee will end up dying. She hasn’t eaten or used the litter box in several days and only sleeps. When they visited her yesterday she didn’t even lift her head in greeting… just moved her eyes to follow their movements.  Please network Bitsy’s project and contribute if you are able so they don’t lose their precious kitty.  Thank you!

**NEW!** Belle is a cat who has been having unexplained weight loss over the last year and a half. During that time period she has been in for examinations at 3 different vet clinics. At the end of each visit, the vet gives her owner a quote for a panel of needed tests, which she cannot afford. This time the vet added that Belle has a prominent thyroid gland in her neck, suggesting she may have hyperthyroidism. She explained this is easily treated, but tests must be run to confirm the diagnosis before treatment can begin.  The current treatment plan, including diagnostic tests, is almost $700.  Belle’s owner will also still need to purchase medications to treat Belle after her official diagnosis, but needs help getting thorough these initial steps.  Will you help out by passing along Belle’s project and contributing if you can?  Thank you in advance!

Jul 5

HELP!!!!!!  We have just over an hour left to collection donations for this little girl - please contribute and/or quickly reblog!  Thanks :)

Karma is a puppy who was found in front of a woman’s house, wandering the street on Friday May 16th 2014. She was almost hit by a car before the woman got to her. She looked so bad and you could literally smell the infection on her. Her rescuer called the animal shelter and they came out and talked, needless to say Karma is here to stay with the woman who found her! So she spent the weekend bathing and giving her antibiotics and trying to start fund raising for her first vet bill.  She has mange so bad that all her legs had open wounds and are swollen with infection, her head around her mouth was just as bad. Her ears had been cropped all the way to her head, and she was starving. She is going to require medical attention for the next nine weeks and then her shots, spay and microchip. Her new owner wants to give her the life she deserves and needs help to do this.  Please network Karma’s project and donate if you are in a position to.  Thank you!

NEW!!!  Little Mr. Nemo needs massive reblogs and donations if you are able so that he can be free of pain.  Thank you :)

When Nemo was born, his owners noticed a cut on his arm.  After taking him to the vet, there was no sign of a break and they were prescribed to take care of the cut with antibiotics.  Although progress was made with the cut, Nemo couldn’t walk correctly.  With a following visit to the vet, his owners were told his leg was in fact broken and would need to be amputated in the long run.  Even with splints, the promise his leg would heal were slim and would also cause his cut to worsen.  Because Nemo is the weaker puppy, his mother began to abandon him while his brother set out to attack his hurt leg.  Wanting to play with his sibling and owners, Nemo attempts to play but holds back as his leg can’t support more than a couple steps.  He watches from his bed wanting to run and climb with his mother and brother.   With help, he can have his surgery and learn to function with three legs where he can finally get to interact without being in pain.  Please help Nemo by donating if you can.  Any and all posts you are willing to make to spread the word are also very much appreciated.  Thank you!